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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

PREPAIRED MINISTRIES, We Shall Arise , Micah 7:8 “do not rejoice over me my enemy, when I fall, I WILL ARISE; when I sit in darkness , the Lord will be a light to me. “ As we are forced into exile, we have become hidden ones. I find so many parallels in the bible that can apply to this season. As in 2 Kings 6 when the man borrowed an axe and the axe head fell and disappeared into the waters. In despair he sought help, the man of God threw a stick into the waters and suddenly the iron axe head floated to the surface. He told the man get it. And so we must reach into the unknown now for a new walk, readjusted ways of ministry and come out ARISEN in a new place to be used more powerfully and strategically than ever before, I sense time has been accelerated, we must be sober. Isaiah 43: 18, 19 And our Jesus on the “stick” cross finished the work to bring up and to arise out of darkness into the glorious light of His salvation and eternal future with Him. We know our Jesus is working in this, there is a Destroying Angel working with Holy Spirit to be about the Father’s business, just as in the Exodus, Deliverance for one nation and Destruction for another. In this scenario we are in, it will be one deceiving individual after another, in the world and church. Be cautious who you listen to, false prophets abound, fake news is a disease. May the Lord give us ears to hear what the Spirit of truth is saying and discern and rightly divide the Word. We will Arise and Go, I believe we have had a royal escort to Arise and Go with us into the Potter’s House, Where the Master designer will have His way with those of us who yield in the potter’s hands. And Paul in Acts 9 was told to ARISE AND GO and he would receive His sight, may we ARISE and Holy Spirit show us His plans personally and the intense plans globally as we seek Him, A confounding and glorious day in history, when nations thought the Jews had disappeared in the troubled waters, but Jesus had His rod, stick of deliverance on the cross and as we know on May 14, 1948, suddenly Israel rose out of the dust in one day to become a nation, Isaiah 66:8, and so will we beauty for ashe., As a Jewish believer I have seen a lot while living in Jerusalem, the best place in the world, this side of heaven. God with us, I recall some years ago while living in Jerusalem I was assisting the needy Jews, my people, as well as victims of terror. One day I visited a Russian family of nine, and had a refrigerator and oven delivered and brought them flowers and cake, The mother burst into tears, and said they were just going to give up, as they had nothing, and when I showed up then they knew GOD REMEMBERED THEM. We must obey; one act of kindness, big or small can change the course of another life. We must choose to be His heart and hands extended as in 1 John 3:17…”But whoever has this worlds goods, and sees a brother in need and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?” And we are reminded in Isaiah 49:15c, 16. He never forgets you. WE MUST ARISE AND GO … at all costs It only takes one to make a difference. He remembers you, Hebrews 13:5c”I will never leave you or forsake you” ARISE AND GO WITHIN YOUR HEART TO HIM AND TRUST AND BE COMFORTED IF NEED BE. And the ONE AND ONLY our resurrection and life Jesus, we celebrate Him shortly as well as the powerful amazing PASSOVER, the blood on the door posts protected against the DESTROYING ANGEL. Revelation 12:11 We overcome by the blood of the (Passover) Lamb and the word of our testimony” Always with love and deep gratitude to all of you and His loving protection, Psalm 91 Please S.I.T. Stay in Touch, email: Loving gifts graciously received and appreciated, it’s a challenge right now, not just for me but many others as well. You can ACCESS PAYPAL HERE OR on my website: PREPAIREDMINISTRIES.ORG or Mail to: Merilee Koss; P O Box 482; Guilderland, NY 12084 USA Please CLICK HERE for Andre Rieu, vocals of YOU RAISE ME UP. IT'S AWESOME! Merilee Koss Prepaired Ministries PO Box 482 Guilderland, NY 12084 kindly receiving LOVE offerings Email Merilee

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