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PRECIOUS ONES, March 16, 2018

Hi again dear friends,

Well, another lovely time with the PRECIOUS ONES. As I walked in, Ann from Wales, was roaming around and when she saw me started to chat rather incoherently about people trying to hurt her. Which is absolutely not true, so she put her arm in mine and we walked to chapel area talking. I told her I would help her if she let me know what was happening. So sad, it is obvious she is a very intellectual woman and is delusion. But God.

And they were so blessed to hear again that many are praying for them and restoration in their minds and bodies, they smile.

I reminded them from now on Wednesday is hug Merilee day, they loved it and I went around and hugged all of them.

This time I shared on COME UP HIGHER, no matter how challenging it is, based on David’s climb at Ein Gedi, which I personally climbed some years ago. And the Dead Sea is behind this amazing elevation, the Lord told me and I told them not to look back we can’t change anything. Keep ongoing forward, COME UP HIGHER, that is our Aliyah, our citizenship in heaven. Aliyah in Israel in the natural for those that can prove their Jewishness is becoming a citizen of the earthly country.

But all those of the faith of Abraham, Jew and Gentile , make our Aliyah here on earth to then be with Him in glory where there is no pain, no tears, at the end of our days. I shared some true stories of my own life and walk, they just drink and listen.

Mt 19:26, Ps 119:37b.

When I was finishing I asked Ida Rose if she would like to sing something, after a moment she said yes (she had been a professional singer over the years ) She is amazing and sang, GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS! An awesome anointing. So wonderful that she participated. She moves in the Spirit, I still don’t know why she is there.

So on we go. Something exciting , a friend that gets these updates shared it with her prayer group. And said the group was inspired to start teaching bible studies in some senior facilities. Glory to God.

Ex 23:20, He truly prepares the way for His glory and to bring many into His kingdom. Yay God.

This is your volunteer for this assignment in the army of our God.

Sending love and gratitude, trusting you are well, please share any prayer needs.

Merilee; P O Box 482; Guilderland, NY 12084

Please agree with me that anyone at this Senior Center that doesn’t know Jesus will not take their last breath without receiving Him, May he reveal those that need salvation.

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