Precious Ones, March 28, 2018


HI again dear friends and co laborers,

Well, they are as sweet as ever. A new man , Patrick, received the Lord. When I asked if he knew Jesus he nodded no, so I asked him if he would like to have Jesus for his eternal savior and receive Him in his heart, he did and called on Jesus to live in his heart. Glory to God.

Been teaching on the Bridge to Life, our Passover Lamb , who crossed over once for all of us.

They seem to get it, I know a few do for sure, dear Ida Rose is so excited about the studies.

She is very coherent, she is the precious one that sang a few weeks ago.

Today, very interesting and exciting, an entertainer was there, Carlos, playing upbeat music, Latin rhythms, and gave them cute shakers. And he would get them up to dance with him one by one, It was a joy to see them participate and smiling. Even introvert Ann from Wales.

Ecclesiastes 3;4, A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. It was as if the grave clothes dropped off of them.

God is so faithful. It made my heart rejoice for them. So today was dancing, When Roma saw me she wanted to hug, so I put my arms out to her and she put her little head on my shoulder. Then when the music played I put my arm in hers and she did the same and we switched and enjoyed.

For now , as always sending you love and appreciation for keeping them in prayer.

I tried to attach a few pictures I took of them sitting in a circle and enjoyin the music while some danced, so I will send a few separately, I m just not very technical.


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