A Portrait of His Love

Hi Dear Friends,

His love story continues here on earth to touch lives. Truly He is an awesome God.

Attached is a brief update and info on new web site and 700 club

hugs of blessings always... 

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May 26, 2018

Dear Friends and co laborers,

His painting of our lives is beyond our knowing what the next color or stroke of Jesus’ brush will be. He opened another door at another senior facility nearby to share and do bible studies this week. Most of them are coherent and can engage with me, which is lovely.

Of course my PRECIOUS ONES remain precious and lovable. We had a good time this past Wednesday reviewing WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST. As I have mentioned the teachings are printed out for them to follow along and repeat some verses with me. I sometimes join them for lunch so the Lord can have me listen to their hearts and help in anyway. One of them is so lovely, Ida Rose, she is the one that will sing sometime. She says “she lives in divine order and in the bloom of Jesus’ garden and will not allow any doom and gloom into her garden.” She knows how to set her boundaries against contamination and focused on the Master artist who has planted the garden of our lives In His gallery, He says in Isaiah 49:16 “ Behold, I have indelibly imprinted a picture of you on the palm of each of My hands, your walls are continually before Me.”

And so, His painting of their lives and the lives within the museum of our daily walks are still being completed by the Master’s hand in ways cannot imagine.

Isaiah 55:11, truly His ways are higher than ours. Please continue to agree that those that don’t know Jesus will receive Him. At times there is a bit of resistance with new guests, but God knows hearts and how to open them up to His amazing loving opportunity to know Him.

For now, sending love and thanksgiving for your prayers for these precious ones, amazing how He suddenly opened this other door for this volunteer in the Lord’s army.

They are so encouraged you are praying for them for a visitation to heal them. And also for the staff. It is a difficult situation there. May God arise and the enemy be scattered and God step in, Psalm 77:19.

Please as you have time go to new website someone graciously and lovingly put together. PREPAIREDMINISTRIES.ORG. There is updated information and a link to the 700 club when I shared on May 25, 2018 His story for His glory. If it is not there at the moment you can find the show on 700 club face book page.

May the Lord be glorified,

Blessings of His best to you all,

Eph. 3:20


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